You will find a variety of terrain in Vermont, everything from flat and smooth to steep and rocky and everything in between. Vermont has the riding you desire, no matter what that is. Beginners to expert riders can all find the riding they want on the VASA trail systems.

VASA trails are built and maintained by volunteer club members and the VASA Trail Crew. We have over 800 miles of legal trail opportunities state-wide.  Our trails are located on a combination of privately owned property and public lands such as town trails or certain roads that we may use for connecting purposes. Because of this, each trail system has its own opening and closing dates each season all depending on landowner and municipality preference. The majority of our trails are open May through October, but some do have longer seasons. Trails can be opened or closed quickly depending on many factors such as weather conditions and landowners- so before heading out on your ride, check with the local club to verify that the trails are open.

Remember, it only takes one bad apple to ruin it all- ride respectfully for your own safety and as a way to show your gratitude to the folks who open up their lands for us all to use.

Looking for a map? 

We work with Polaris Ride Command to provide up to date trail info. 
It is free app you can view on your tablet/PC and your phone for real time navigation. 
The app will allow to you preview trails system before committing to purchasing a TAD.


Trail opening and closing dates  

Opening and closing dates are determined by landowners and then relayed to us here at VASA by the individual clubs.

Some clubs are lucky enough to have fairly stable opening and closing dates, but others have a broader range of terrain and landowner concerns that can affect dates at any time.

As the opening and closing dates are forwarded to us, we add them to the web site list and the club info logo on Polaris Ride Command.

2023 Trail Staus List: Trail Status List

Once Ride Command has been updated, closed trails should show as dotted line vs a solid line on your display.

It is always a good idea to zoom in on the area your are interested in riding to be sure you see the formatting variations.

The clubs also have Facebook pages which sometimes is the place any club news is first publicized.