State-wide trail Insurance:

VASA is required, by State Law, to purchase insurance which indemnifies the State of Vermont. After 9/11, VASA and many other trail user organizations found it difficult, almost impossible to find such insurance. Through the tireless work of the VASA Board of Directors, VASA has sourced and purchased the policy and provide a certificate to the state. Additionally, VASA has voluntarily extended the coverage amount, stipulated in Vermont statute, significantly.

448. Landowner liability No public or private owner of land which is a part of the Vermont trails system shall be liable for any property damage or personal injury sustained by any person using these trails unless the public or private owner intentionally inflicts the damage or injury. (Added 1993, No. 211 (Adj. Sess.), § 28.)

Individual Liability Insurance:

As of 2021 liability insurance is required for all VASA trails.

A minimum of bond or a liability policy in the amounts of at least $25,000.00 for one individual and $50,000.00 for two or more individuals killed or injured and $10,000.00 for damages to property in any one accident.