VASA was formed in 1998 by the West Rutland ATV Sportsman's Club to provide the State of Vermont with a central point of contact for leadership in ATV recreation and begin the planning, implementation and management of a state-wide ATV trail system.

In 1999 a funding bill was introduced and adopted which provided VASA with the necessary funding stream to carry out the work of building a trail system and purchasing an insurance policy, as required in VT law.

In 2002 a new Board of Directors was installed. This board immediately began to ratchet up the work the association was conducting. The Board set to refine and establish the policies and procedures that will direct the Association's activities; it specified and developed committees, and achieved at a better pace and results. This new Board recognized the need to have a more focused effort in all areas of the Associations operations and began developing plans and assigning tasks. The Board also discovered that much of the laws, rules and programs governing ATV trail development and usage were constructed and implemented in a manner that is difficult for a completely volunteer organization. The pressing need for representation in the legislature, assistance in working with state agencies was evident and VASA retain a prominent Law firm, on a very limited basis to assist in government relations.

In early 2004 the Association hired a full time Executive Director to provide much needed administrative functions, represent VASA at meeting all over the state, establish working collaborations with recreational committees and boards, assist the efforts of the local clubs and implement and enhance management controls.

With a focused effort and timely discussions between the Board and the Executive Director, VASA identified key areas of the Association and its' work that were critical to future success. In late 2004 VASA retained consulting and lobbying services from one of Vermont's most effective sportsman leaders. His role is to advise, guide and represent VASA in the many layers of "process", including legislative.

In 2005 VASA hired a full time Trails Coordinator to develop and maintain the state wide mapping programs, and to assist VASA clubs, land owners, and others in the development and management of VASA trails.


VASA is modeled after the highly successful Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST), with local clubs making up the association. We differ from VAST in that VASA does not also have a county-level layer at this point.

The Board of Directors is made up of a representative from each club, and an Executive Board of Officers. Each club is represented at the Board of Directors and votes on all business that comes before the Board.

Staff members, members of the Board, as well as members from the general membership make up the working committees of the Association.

Currently there are clubs spread out through out Vermont, with legal riding available in most counties.