Government Relations

In early 2003 VASA began a lobbying effort in order to further define and develop the ATV program in Vermont. We needed to start a dialog to seek parity with other Vermont trail use groups. In applying itself, VASA found that many of the laws, programs and rules which govern and enhance recreation were not working to aid VASA efforts. In fact, often the contrary was true. The Board of directors considered several reputable lobbying firms and individuals and selected one of Montpelier’s most prestigious teams of lobbyist. While they helped us understand the process "under the dome", it was clear that VASA, with its’ goals, and unique situation needed some very specialized talent that was more aligned with recreation in general, and motorized recreation in particular.

In 2004 VASA retained the services of Steve McLeod in a much broader role than a traditional lobbyist. Mr. McLeod is deeply entrenched in traditional Vermont sportsman’s and land use organizations, two essential areas of building a strong organization and getting trails on the ground. As a former legislator himself, Mr. McLeod could better guide our efforts in positioning VASA with law makers and developing a strong appeal for a robust trail system. Additionally, both Mr. McLeod’s legal training and his intimate knowledgeable in to the operations of state government, provides VASA with key insights and consultation to the Association’s leadership team.

The VASA officers and staff, assisted by Mr. McLeod, have done an extraordinarily good job of bringing attention to the needs of both the Association and the needs of the law abiding ATV user in Vermont.

VASA’s legislative efforts seeks to shape the laws and rules governing the use of ATVs in the State of Vermont. It is our aim to develop a tangible and strong partnership with the state of Vermont and make real advances the state of ATV management and increase ATV recreation opportunities in our state.